Pulse Research Lab

Mini Modular Instruments

  • Bias Tees
  • Clock Sources
  • Comparators/Sinewave Converters
  • Coupling & Termination Modules
  • Differential Line Drivers/Receivers
  • ECL/PECL Terminators
  • Fanout Buffers
  • Frequency Dividers
  • Logic Level Translators
  • Long Line Drivers
  • RF Power Dividers & Active Splitters
  • RF Switches, Scanners & Gates
  • Signal Conditioning Kits
  • Variable Output Pulse Drivers


  • Semi-Custom Systems
  • Rackmount Kits

Featured Products

PRL-414B--1:4 TTL Fanout Buffer and Line Driver
PRL-350TTL--2 Channel Comparator, TTL Outputs
PRL-425T--2 Channel, Universal Differential Receiver with TTL Outputs
PRL-426T--2 Channel Translator, TTL to LVDS
PRL-304AN-0dB--1:4 RF Distribution Amplifier, 0 dB
PRL-854-RM--1 x 4 RF Switch/Scanner, Manual/Remote Control

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