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  • High Performance Ultrabroadband Baluns
  • Pickoff Tees
  • Bias Tees Samplers
  • Amplifiers (and more) to 110GHz
  • Pulse/Impulse Generators
  • RF Cable Testers
  • TDR/TDT equipment


HL9409 Broadband Balun (500 kHz to 100 GHz)
HL9465 Broadband Z-matched Pick-off Tee (DC to 50 GHz)
HL9449 Broadband Bias Tee (160 kHz to 110 GHz, 175 mA)
HL5877 Broadband Limiting Amplifier (35 kHz to 24 GHz)
HL9439 Broadband DC Block (160 kHz to 110 GHz)
HL9477 Broadband Resistive Power Divider (DC to 67 GHz)

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HL9409 Balun (500 kHz to 100 GHz)

The HL9409 is an ultra-broadband 180° signal splitter and combiner that offers excellent amplitude and phase match over an industry-best bandwidth of 500 kHz to 100 GHz (3dB). This is the only balun on the market capable of passing clean 224 Gbps PAM4 eyes.

HL9469 Z-matched Pick-off Tee (DC to 110 GHz)

The HL9469 Broadband Z-matched Pick-off Tee, available as either matched pairs or individual devices, offers flat frequency response from DC to 110 GHz on both the thru and pick-off lines. These devices are ideal for injecting amplitude noise on the thru path for datacom compliance testing, including PCIe7.0.

HL9449 Bias Tee (160 kHz to 110 GHz)

The HL9449 is an ultra-broadband bias tee with typical insertion loss better than 2.5 dB from 160 kHz to 110 GHz. These devices block any DC signal and allow the insertion of a DC bias current into a circuit with minimal perturbation of the impedance of a 50 Ω line.

HL9439 DC Block (160 kHz to 110 GHz)

The HL9439 is an ultra-broadband DC Block with an extraordinary flat response and typical insertion loss better than 2 dB to 110 GHz. The DC block will remove DC bias from the input signal to prevent damage to DC-sensitive devices or equipment.

HL9489 Resistive Power Splitter (DC to 100 GHz)

The HL9489 is a symmetrical, two-resistor power splitter that provides outstanding amplitude and phase symmetrical power division from DC to beyond 100 GHz. The precision of the divided outputs is extremely well tracked and makes this product suitable for precision power ratio measurements.

HL9429 Fixed Attenuator (DC to 110 GHz)

The HL9429 is an ultra-broadband attenuator with a typical fixed insertion loss of 3 dB, 6 dB, or 10 dB with a very flat frequency response from DC to 110 GHz. These devices are suitable for any application requiring an RF signal reduction, including the protection of sensitive front-end instrumentation.