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  • VPX, PCIe, PXIe, PMC/MXC FPGA interface cards for Network Interfaces & Communication Protocols
  • Real-time streaming, cyber security monitoring, record & Playback Systems
  • IP Cores for 1394B-AS5643, Ethernet, Fiber Channel ASM, ARINC 818 and More


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Rugged High-Speed Serial Interfaces

New Wave Design and Verification provides high-performance interface and FPGA coprocessor cards, IP Cores, systems, and accessories used in Mil/Aero embedded and test systems. XMC, PCIe, VPX, and PXIe form factors. Protocols supported include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, MIL1394, sFPDP, ARINC-818, + more. Leverage our engineering services for custom requirements.

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