Ametek 2020 Fall Budget Maximizer





2020 Fall Budget Maximizer (Limited Time Only)
Order now until 12/31/20 to receive the following:

  1. FREE Options Bundle -Add Any or All of the Following Options for FREE!
  • AVALL - All Avionics Test options ($4,300 value)
  • HF - High Frequency option ($1,071 value)
  • 411 - Voltage Dips and Interruptions option ($1,071 value)
  • 413 - Interharmonics Generator ($1,071 value)
  • 1399 - Mil Std 1399-300 option ($1,609 value)
  1. Six years of Warranty+ at 25% OFF
    Our premier, white glove, expedited repair experienced program
  • 2-way expedited shipping covered.
  • Advanced replacement for Asterion.
  • No cost repairs.

Hurry - You must order no later than 12/31/20 to receive these added benefits!
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Anritsu Demo Sale

Anritsu Demo Sale

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Get an exceptional deal on select benchtop and field test equipment:

• Vector Network Analyzer MS4647B – up to 38% off*
• Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A – up to 34% off*
• Signaling Tester MD8430A – up to 75% off*
• And more….

All equipment includes:

• New product warranty
• Professionally refurbished by Anritsu

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It’s Time to Trade Up – Trade in your old Power Meter and get a 4500C

It’s Time to Trade Up

Trade in your Keysight Power Meter for the NEW 4500C





15% trade in for:  Keysight 8990Bor Boonton 4500B
10% trade in for:  Other power meters

High performance benchtop RF and μwave power peak power analyzer capable of measurements from 30 MHz to 40 GHz with 5 ns rise time, 195 VBW, and 100 ps time resolution. Boonton’s unique Real-Time Power Processing™ delivers 100,000 measurements per second.

The 4500C is a performance enhanced drop-in, code-compatible replacement to the 4500B with the same front panel controls and graphical user interface (GUI), eliminating the need to change any test procedures designed around the 4500B.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Discount applied to the list price of the 4500C. Valid until 12/31/2020.

The New PMX40 Power Meter

The New PMX40

Promo Code 2020-03-01

First 10 customers receive 4 Channel option for FREE






Promo Code 2020-03-02

Trade in any Keysight* power meter and get 10% off a PMX40

*Or other Boonton or competitor power meter. Contact local sales representative for details.







Promo Code 2020-03-03

Receive One Free CPS2008 with purchase of a PMX40


These offers cannot be combined with any other promotions. Valid until 12/31/2020.

Learn More about PMX40

Receive One Free Power Sensor with Purchase of a 4500C

Get the Most Out of Your New 4500C






Receive One Free Standard Power Sensor with Purchase of a 4500C and One Sensor





Peak, CW & Average Power Sensors
Getting the most out of a power meter requires high quality RF power sensors to connect to the device under test. Boonton has a full line of high quality, high performance peak and average power sensors up to 40 GHz to meet the needs of all your fast rise time, fast video bandwidth and wide dynamic range applications.
• Fast measurement speed
• Wide dynamic range (-70 dBm to +40 dBm)
• Calibration factors, linearity and temperature compensations data stored in EPROM
• Excellent SWR for reducing mismatch uncertainty
• Calibration with traceability to NIST

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Discount applied to the list price of the 4500C. Valid until12/31/2020.

Yokogawa Test&Measurement’s Discounted Products

Treat Your Engineers With These Great Offers!

No tricks...just treats!

Yokogawa Test&Measurement's discounted products have the capabilities you need, at prices within your budget.

From oscilloscopes to power analyzers and more, our products are accurate, reliable, and now, more affordable than ever!

Our list of special discounted products includes:

    • DL850 ScopeCorder
    • DLM2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
    • WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer
    • WT1800 High Performance Power Analyzer
    • WT300 Digital Power Meter
    • GS820 Multi-Channel Source Measure Unit

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