11/13/2020 Orolia Unveils M-Code Enabled Mobile Timing & Synchronization Solutions

Orolia is proud to announce, through its Orolia Defense & Security business, the availability of M-Code Military GPS receivers in its Resilient PNT products and solutions, including M-Code enabled mobile mission timing and synchronization platforms. Read Full Story.

Flexible, Resilient PNT for Every Environment

  •   M-Code capabilities for SecureSync® DISA approved time server
  • Versa mobile PNT platform for rugged, small SWaP-C requirements
  •  Improved resistance to jamming and interference
  • Advanced security features
  • More accurate performance

    Orolia offers an easy, cost-effective upgrade from SAASM to M-Cod

    Compact, All-in-One Positioning, Navigation and Timing

    M-Code – it is here. Public Law 111-383, Section 913 requires all military GPS user equipment purchased after FY 2017 to be M-Code capable, unless a waiver is issued the Secretary of Defense.

    With Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE), or M-Code receivers, becoming available to vendors, now is the time to start getting serious about integration and performance testing of MGUE and systems that rely on it.

    Currently there are two GPS security architectures – and both are available only to authorized users. The first, Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM), has been required for all newly fielded DoD GPS systems as of October 2006. It uses the GPS Precise Position Service, which is provided using encrypted signals (P(Y) Code) on two frequencies – L1 (1575.42MHz) and L2(1227.6MHz).

    MGUE is the second one, utilizing the M-Code signals. As one aspect of the GPS modernization program, M-Code is also an encrypted signal provided on L1 and L2 frequencies.

10/13/2020 Techaya MILTECH 404

MilSource is platinum award winner for Techaya MILTECH 404 rugged battlefield power and networking device


The MILTECH 4040 delivers and manages power over the same channels that provide network data management -- all in a compact, lightweight form factor.

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Milpower Source: Military & Aerospace Electronics 2020 Innovator Awards




Milpower Source Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of mil-spec power solutions for the defense and aerospace industry, has been recognized by the 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community selected Milpower’s new M4054 3U VPX DC/DC Power Supply as a Silver Honoree.

As industry continues to trend toward modularity and unified technical standards, the M4054 Series paves the way to future-proof your VPX project while taking advantage of Milpower Source’s superior build quality, reliability, and performance.


  • Developed in Alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard
  • Industry-Leading Power Density (800W)
  • VITA 46.11 System Management Protocol
  • Cyber Secure



Teledyne WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer

WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer

Unmatched Characterization Insight

The combination of S-parameters (frequency domain) and Impedance Profiles (time domain) in a single acquisition with a deep toolbox for simulation, emulation, de-embedding and time-gating provides unmatched characterization insight.

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New Pickering Product: LVDYT/RVDT/Resolver Simulator Module



We are excited to announce a new addition to our PXI simulation product range, an LVDT, RVDT, Resolver simulator. This high-performance and high-density solution is more versatile than competing products (generally limited to only one function), replacing multiple products with just one module that fits into a single PXI slot.

This new simulator features active circuitry that generates a signal that can be used to exercise DUTs (devices under test) that use either LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer), or Resolver to measure motion and/or position.

Key features include:

  • Up to 4 channels of 5/6-Wire LVDT/RVDT or Resolver, or 8 channels of
    4-Wire LVDT/RVDT simulation
  • Input & output isolation transformers
  • Measurement & display of each input frequency & amplitude
  • Wide operational frequency band
  • External or internal excitation
  • Independent or shared excitation signal to each channel
  • Programmable phase delay
  • Open & short circuit simulation on inputs & outputs
  • Intuitive drivers and a graphical soft front panel for simple manual control
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Ethernet Chassis
  • PXIe version available upon request

View our press release for additional information:

Read the Press Release here

Along with these new LVDT/RVDT & Resolver Simulator modules, we offer a wide range of other solutions for Sensor Simulation and Instrumentation including:

  • Programmable resistors and RTD simulation
  • Thermocouple simulators
  • Strain gauge simulators
  • Programmable loads to 15W (20W in the future)
  • Static digital I/O
  • Voltage amplifiers
  • Attenuators, high voltage and RF


01.28.2021 – NH Research – Get Your Battery Test Project Back on Track in 2021

01.28.2021 - NH Research - Get Your Battery Test Back on Track in 2021

NHR Webinar – Get Your Battery Test Project Back on Track in 2021

January 28th at 11am PT / 2pm ET

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Are your battery test projects on schedule? Covid-19 has resulted in numerous project delays worldwide, due to workplace shutdowns, delayed funding and talent acquisition challenges. These are the 3 most common reasons we’ve seen for project delays due to the pandemic. In this webinar, NH Research (NHR) will help you get your project back on track in the New Year.

Product Development Schedule Challenges:

  • Hardware acquisition put on hold, but development schedules remain the same
  • Difficult talent acquisition for battery expertise and experienced software developers
  • Workplace shutdowns preventing lab access and new work from home trends

This presentation we’ll cover how to overcome the above challenges with proven, next generation battery test solutions. Simplifying and accelerating the battery test process can help you focus on innovation and get to market faster. NHR serves as your partner in test by offering hardware, software, and the engineering support needed to complete critical projects effectively and on time.

For additional information and registration, Click here

If you are unable to participate, please register and you’ll receive the recording.

01.21.2021 Teledyne LeCroy Learning Lab – How to Test AC-DC Power Supplies

01.21.2021 Teledyne LeCroy Learning Lab - How to Test AC-DC Power Supplies

How to Test Switched-mode Power Supplies

Date: Thu, January 21, 2021
Time: 11AM Pacific | 2PM Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes

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Join Teledyne LeCroy for this Learning Lab that guides you through the testing and circuit design analysis of AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC switched-mode power supplies. We will develop your knowledge and testing skills in order to get the most from your oscilloscope and probes.

Topics to be included:

    • Input power measurements
      • Power quality including apparent power, real power, and power factor
      • Line current harmonics
    • Control loop modulation analysis
    • Output power measurements
      • DC power rail integrity analysis, ripple, noise, and droop analysis
      • AC power analysis
  • Best practices for using voltage and current probes


Re-work recommended before attending the Learning Lab webinar

It is recommended that you download and register (at no cost) MAUI Studio prior to the start of the Learning Lab, and download LabNotebook (waveform plus setup files) .lnb files (they will be combined into one .zip file that will need extracting).

MAUI Studio
>> https://teledynelecroy.com/mauistudio/

Zip file with .lnb files
>> File will be available before webinar starts

These files will allow you to load the various waveform examples shown during the Learning Lab and participate in making critical power circuit design measurements.

Who should attend? This webinar is targeted toward design engineers, evaluation engineers and engineering managers involved in switched-mode power supply circuit design and design verification.

What attendees will learn? How to get the most from your oscilloscope, probes and measurement tools for testing switched-mode power supplies.

Presenter: Stephen Murphy, Teledyne LeCroy Applications Engineer

Can't attend live? Register anyway, and we will send you the recording and slides afterward.

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Anritsu – Zeroing in on Active, Passive, and Opto-electronic Measurements

Anritsu - Zeroing in on Active, Passive, and Opto-electronic Measurements

Anritsu - Zeroing in on Active, Passive, and Opto-electronic Measurements

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Date:  Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Time:  11:00 AM EST

Duration: 1 Hour

When it comes to testing active, passive, or opto-electronic (O/E) devices, a vector network analyzer (VNA) is the most important Test and Measurement instrument required. With increasing application development in higher frequencies, the challenges in making them with the same accuracy and precision have become more difficult and even elusive at times.

This webinar will delve into important factors that need to be followed when making VNA measurements at higher frequencies and discuss techniques for O/E devices.

Who should attend:

  • Education and R&D
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Opto-electronic device characterization engineers/organization

What you will learn:
During this event, you will learn why performing VNA measurements of active, passive, and O/E devices becomes more difficult as you enter into higher frequency domains and emphasize advanced embedding and de-embedding techniques for measuring various networks.

Presented by - Navneet Kataria

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12.17.2020 Orolia to Present the European Perspective on Resilient PNT

Orolia to Present the European
Perspective on Resilient PNT





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Orolia will host its third PNT Coffee Talk series event in December to discuss the European perspective on protecting GNSS signals and Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data. Panelists will provide updates on national and regional Resilient PNT initiatives designed to increase resiliency for GNSS-dependent systems.

Resilient PNT is a global priority, and the world’s leading economies are taking steps to better protect PNT data for defense and critical infrastructure.

This webinar will present an overview of key European initiatives, along with perspectives on focus areas from multi-national experts. These global perspectives will provide a broader view of the challenges, along with some promising solutions, that are being considered today.

This informal Orolia PNT Coffee Talk™ event will be held online and is open to those interested in learning more about the latest Resilient PNT developments from the industry and government perspectives. More information about Resilient PNT and GNSS jamming/spoofing is available in Orolia’s online resource center.

Please join us for this informative discussion:

What:            PNT Coffee Talk- Resilient PNT: The European Perspective
When:           December 17, 2020 at 10 am EST
Where:          Online  Register Here