New Pickering Release: Ultra-High-Density 12-Slot PXI Matrix BRIC

After much anticipation, Pickering is excited to announce their NEW 12-slot BRIC configurations for two of our popular PXI matrix switch models. Their 40-562B model features 1- and 2-pole switching up to 1Amp with a maximum of 3168 crosspoints. Their 40-558 model offers 1-pole 0.5Amp switching up to 9216 crosspoints—making it the industry’s highest capacity PXI matrix switch module. These new modules provide flexible switching for very high I/O count test systems, as used in the Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductor and Automotive industries. Features include:

Please take a look at the entire press release for more detailed information:


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Introducing Milpower Source’s Miniature, High Density M2286 Series AC/DC Power Supply

Designed for Military Applications

and the Harshest Environments  

Milpower Source’s M2286 Series is a 2KW AC to DC, rugged high-performance power supply designed for Airborne, Ground Mobile, Ground Fixed and other military applications that are characterized by harsh and hostile environment. It is fed from a three-phase 115VAC/400Hz power and provides a well-regulated, filtered, and protected DC Output.


Key Features:

  • Input Range: 100-130VAC / 400Hz / 3-Phase
  • Single Output Up to 2000W
  • Operating Temperature: –50°C to +71°C
  • Efficiency: 88% (Typical)
  • Can Parallel Units for More Power Up To 10kW
  • Sealed Enclosure for Harsh Environments
  • Designed to Meet:
    MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704 MIL-STD-810

A variety of standard configurations of the M2286 are available for order today, and Milpower Source welcomes the challenge to modify our design (typically with no NRE) to meet your unique requirements. Learn more.

Noisecom Launches New Compact Form Factor RFX7000B Programmable Noise Generator

Noisecom Launches New Compact Form Factor RFX7000B Programmable Noise Generator for Automated Testing and Rack Mount Environments


 Noisecom, a Wireless Telecom Group Company (NYSE American: WTT), announced the launch of the new RFX7000B programmable noise generator, a unique, compact form factor solution for automated testing environments and densely populated rackmount systems, which leverages the technology developed for the popular UFX7000A benchtop instrument. The new noise generator delivers value to test engineers and system integrators by providing performance, capabilities, and customizations previously available only in larger form factor benchtop products. The RFX7000B saves valuable space in complex rackmount systems found in semiconductor test environments, radar systems, and satellite ground stations.

“The RFX7000B is a direct result of the Noisecom commitment to customer-driven, highly customizable noise sources that deliver unique, application-specific solutions to the most challenging RF design and test problems. Our customers came to us looking for the superior performance and flexibility they expect from Noisecom but with unique, space-constrained system limitations, which we met by packaging our components in the new, slim RFX7000B platform,” says Dr. Lee McMillan, VP of Engineering and Manufacturing.

Designed for engineers and designers who need to create complex custom noise signals for advanced test systems in a tight rack mount environment, the RFX7000B provides noise generation capabilities up to 40 GHz in a compact 1U high form factor. The compact 1U form factor is ideal for rack-mounted production and automated testing environments or integrated systems used in satellite communications, radar, and signal and millimeter wave product testing. The RFX7000B  comes standard with a signal combiner and an attenuated signal path with a dynamic range of 127 dB in 0.1 dB steps, which allows independent control of the noise and signal paths to vary the signal-to-noise ratio during bit error rate testing. The instrument is controllable through standard LAN or USB rear panel connections and is available in a series of standard configurations that can be modified to support specific customer requirements.

For more information, visit

Boonton Electronics Logo

Boonton Announces New PMX40 RF Power Meter

The PMX40 provides design engineers and technicians the utility of traditional benchtop instrument, the flexibility and performance of modern USB RF power sensors, and the simplicity of a multi-touch display built with Boonton award-winning technology.

 Learn More     Datasheet

PMX with Sensors

High-Performance and Versatile USB Power Sensors

The Boonton PMX40 Power Meter utilizes Boonton RTP and CPS families of USB RF power sensors with industry leading performance and capabilities.

All RTP sensors incorporate the unique Boonton Real-Time Power Processing™ technology, which virtually eliminates gaps in measurement suffered by other power sensors and enables industry best measurement speeds.

Introducing Milsource’s New MILTECH 718



  • 8 unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 2.7” x 1.5” x 1.1”
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • 5 watts of power with a range of 9-32 Vdc
  • Conformally coated and meets MIL-STD when in an appropriate enclosure
  • Learn more

New Wave Design and Verification Acquires FlightWire

Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to
Provide Comprehensive Design, Building
and Test of Aerospace and Defense Systems

New Wave Design and Verification, LLC. (New Wave DV), a leading provider of high-performance digital electronic interface solutions for the Defense/Aerospace market, announced that it has acquired FlightWire Technology, Inc., a principal provider of 1394b AS5643 (MIL-1394) solutions. This acquisition combines two premier MIL-1394 companies, considerably expanding the resources, expertise, and offerings of MIL-1394 embedded, test, and maintenance products and services by New Wave DV.

“FlightWire is a recognized leader in the MIL-1394 sustainment and laboratory equipment market,” stated Richard Mourn, President of FlightWire. “By joining forces with New Wave DV, a recognized leader in MIL-1394 embedded and test interface hardware, we are creating endless potential in the aerospace and defense market. Together we will provide a one-stop shop for sustainment and laboratory equipment, flight hardware, and FPGA IP along with testing, validation and training services.” Mourn will join New Wave DV as the Product Line Director of MIL-1394.

“Richard has done a fantastic job building and growing FlightWire to become a tremendous value for the industry,” stated Josh Dirlam, CEO of New Wave DV. “We are excited for FlightWire to join our team and to continue serving our critical partners with exceptional MIL-1394 solutions, support and expertise.”

The acquisition of FlightWire aligns with New Wave DV’s focus on products and services for the Defense/Aerospace high-speed serial interface market. The FlightWire product line will continue to be offered and supported through New Wave DV. FlightWire staff will also transition to New Wave DV, including the Colorado office where FlightWire engineering and manufacturing are currently located. The FlightWire line of products and services is available effective immediately and without interruption through New Wave DV.



About New Wave Design and Verification

The New Wave Design and Verification (New Wave DV) team is made up of passionate professionals who have extensive skill designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems for aerospace and defense systems. New Wave DV is focused on high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and specialized networking applications. We uphold our reputation for industry-leading products and services through persistent dedication backed by decades of experience.

New Wave DV provides programmable network interface hardware, FPGA IP Cores, and system level products for high-speed serial interfaces used in embedded and test systems. Protocols supported include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, 1394b AS5643, sFPDP, ARINC-818, HSDB, and custom protocols. For more information about New Wave DV and its products and services, call 952-224-9201 or visit

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HV Technologies Introduces a New Generation of Impulse Insulation Testers

New Generation of Impulse Insulation Testers


The NEW INS-1250 series of insulation testers from EMC Partner cover the 1.2/50 µs impulse voltage requirement from 500 V to 30 kV. The equipment can be used for material insulation, components and electrical equipment safety applications in both development and production environments. High accuracy internal or external measurement systems, can be programmed to detect breakdown with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulse integrals. Personnel safety is ensured through an emergency stop, warning lamp and test cabinet, disabling high voltage circuits when activated.

Product Highlights:

  • Programmable bi-directional interfaces for integration with a test bench
  • Impulse guaranteed at 2m cable connection
  • Current and voltage integrals for breakdown detection
  • Upgradeable hardware to increase test capability
  • Designed for long duration production test environments
  • Impulse capacitors rated for 6 million cycles - optimal for production line testing
  • TEMA3000 automation software compatible

Applicable Standards:

  • IEC 60060-1
  • IEC 61010-1
  • IEC 61180
  • IEC 60335-1
  • IEC 60664-1


Learn More About Impulse Voltage Insulation Testers

Download the Infosheet

Emcore Presents 5200 Series 3 and 6.5 GHz Fiber Optic Links

5200 Series 3 and 6.5 GHz Fiber Optic Links

5200 Series 3 and 6.5 GHz Fiber Optic Links

EMCORE’s 5200 Series, 3 and 6.5 GHz Fiber Optic Inter-Facility Links (IFLs) are a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to coaxial cable for 20 MHz to 6500 MHz communications applications. They are a compact, weatherproof fiber optic transmitter and receiver pair for applications where high-performance under demanding conditions is critical.

EMCORE’s fiber optic IFLs function as transparent RF fiber links. These IFLs eliminate the limitations of copper systems by enabling longer transmission distance while retaining the highest level of signal quality.

In addition, EMCORE’s fiber optics provide several other significant network advantages, including simplified network design, ease of installation, and immunity from EMI/RFI and lightning.

A consultation with your EMCORE representative, or authorized EMCORE reseller is the 1st step in designing your system. Email Us, or call 626-293-3400, Ext. 3501 for a design consultation.

Emcore Presents Optiva OTS-2 Series Satcom Band C, X, DBS, Ku, Ka, Q/V-Band Fiber Optic Links

Optiva OTS-2 Series Satcom Band C, X, DBS, Ku, Ka, Q/V-Band Fiber Optic Links

Optiva OTS-2 Series Satcom Band C, X, DBS, Ku, Ka, Q/V-Band Fiber Optic Links

The EMCORE Optiva OTS-2 Series Satcom Band Fiber Optic Links are a family of SNMP managed fiber optic transmitters and receivers that provide high-performance downlink and uplink transport within the modular Optiva platform. C, X, DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite), Ku, Ka- and Q/V-Band modules are available. The units can be used to construct transparent fiber optic links for satcom band antenna signal distribution, ground terminal & intra-facility links, electronic warfare systems, broadband delay lines, signal processing systems and other high-dynamic-range applications.

Optiva satcom band modules utilize EMCORE’s high-performance ultra-low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) source laser technology with high optical input power capable photodiodes, and feature microprocessor-based transmitter and receiver control for laser and modulator bias. Satcom band modules also come with variable RF gain to provide consistent microwave link operations.

A consultation with your EMCORE representative, or authorized EMCORE reseller is the 1st step in designing your system. Email or call 626-293-3400, Ext. 3501 for a design consultation.