03.22.2023 Navigation & Timing

Safran Unites Its Advanced Expertise and Global Activities in PNT
Technology Under Expanding Navigation & Timing Business

Navigation & Timing integrates Safran’s positioning, navigation, and timing portfolio beside its high-tech
optronics, avionics, electronics, and critical software solutions

Safran Electronics & Defense has consolidated our vast experience in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT)
technology and our comprehensive portfolio of market-leading solutions under one business called Navigation
& Timing. Our activities under Navigation & Timing will aim to deliver the most accurate and secure PNT
solutions for sea, land, air, space and cyber applications around the world.

Advancements in aerospace equipment, defense, autonomous transportation, critical infrastructure, and even
commercial products have become more dependent on precise and uninterrupted signals from Global Navigation
Satellite Systems (GNSS). Safran has leveraged our worldwide knowledge in the domain to create an evolving
ecosystem of resilient Navigation & Timing solutions.

The range of PNT activities covering Navigation & Timing include:
•    Inertial measurement technologies and control
•    Systems, algorithms, and architectures for interference detection and mitigation
•    Sensor fusion and update technologies
•    GNSS technologies, including simulation
•    Clocks and timing

Agility is essential for meeting specialized requirements across rapidly growing industries. Therefore, Safran offers
customized service packages accompanied by our unparalleled customer experience.

For more information about Safran’s world-leading and resilient Navigation & Timing solutions, please visit: safran-navigation-timing.com

NewWave DV

11.15.2022 Innovator Award Winners Announcement!

NewWave DV

Enabling Our Partners to Change the World

Eden Prairie, MN, 11/15/2022

New Wave Design and Verification, LLC. (New Wave DV) announced today that two New Wave DV products were recognized among the best by the 2022 Military + Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards.

An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized New Wave DV a Gold and Silver honoree.


Gold Honoree:
V1161 Programmable 100G Rugged
Ethernet XMC ACAP Card

Read the V1160 Press Release here >

Visit the V1160 Product Page here >


Silver Honoree:
V1161 Programmable 100G Rugged
Ethernet XMC ACAP Card

Read the V1161 Press Release here >

Visit the V1161 Product Page here >


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09.20.2022 Orolia Redefines Simulation Once Again with the GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

Orolia Redefines Simulation Once Again with the GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

Launch Webinar for the Newest Turnkey Solution for Skydel

October 6, 2022
10:00 am EST

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Orolia has developed a new turnkey GNSS Simulator for signal testing and generation, built upon the proven Skydel Simulation Engine platform.

 Orolia, the world leader in resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions, has released the GSG-7, the latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal testing solution offered through The Orolia Family of Simulators.

 The GSG-7 features a small form factor, an internal RF combiner, high-end performance with a 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, real-time synchronization, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) integration, powerful automation, and multi-constellation and multi-frequency simulations.


We are hosting a launch webinar on October 6, 2022 where we will discuss:

  • What is the GSG-7?
  • How does it fit into the Orolia Family of Simulators?
  • What is the architectural difference?
  • What are the applications?
  • What are the use cases?

What resources are available to users?.

Press Release
Product Information
Download Datasheet


08.16.2022 We’ve Got Big News!

We have some big news! We are excited to share we were recently acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense!

Safran Acquisition
Orolia Joins Safran Electronics & Defense, a Leader in Inertial Navigation Systems

We are beyond excited to have officially joined the Safran Electronics & Defense team. Read a letter from Orolia Defense & Security’s President to learn more about it and our continued proxy agreement.

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03.03.2022 Milpower NEW 1U UPS Announcement & 19” Solutions

                                        March 2022 Newsletter

NEW Rugged Double-Conversion 1U Rack Mounted Tactical Uninterruptible Power Supply with a Core Capability Of Flexibility Through Modular Design

March 1st, 2022 – Milpower Source announces today a new military grade rugged 1U UPS with internal modular design, which allows it to be easily tailored to almost any customer requirement, while delivering stable, regulated and protected output voltage for the load.
Several UPS units can be connected in parallel to support higher loads (up to 6 units for 7.5kW/9kVA total), or in 3-phase configuration (One UPS per phase, up to 3.75kW/4.5kVA total). The UPS utilizes a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which is a safer type of Li-Ion battery. This high-capacity battery allows to achieve a low 1U profile and a low weight. However, if another battery chemistry is desired, other cells may also be used.

This UPS is made of three replaceable modules: 
•    Input module
•    Output module
•    Charger/Discharger module
If other functions are required (e.g. DC/DC, DC/AC etc.), each of these modules can be replaced with a different module, performing a different function, to accommodate these requirements. 

Expanding Milpower High Reliable UPS Product Range with a 1U UPS Solution for Mobile Military Shelters and UAV Controllers

M1012 Highlighted Specifications:

  • Voltage range: 85-265VAC
  • Frequency range: 47-63 Hz 
  • Load capability: 
    • Up to 1.25kW/1.5kVA steady-state
    • Up to 1.5kW momentary peak
  • Parallel connection with current sharing: Up to 6 units / 7.5kW / 9kVA
  • Three-phase connection: One unit/ 1.25kW /1.5kVA per phase
  • Remote control and monitoring via serial and ethernet communication interface
  • High Power Factor: > 0.98 @ full load

  • Form factor: 19″ / 1U rack mounted unit (16.85″ x 1.72″ x 24″)
  • Backup Duration: At least 10 minutes @ full load
  • Standards: MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461
  • Battery Safety: Passed UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3 (commercial cargo flight approval)

                                                                                       READ MORE

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02.17.2022 New Multi-Channel Digitizer with Large Open FPGA

New Multi-Channel Digitizer with Large Open FPGA
Ideal for computationally demanding applications.

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Today we introduce the ADQ36 – a fourth-generation 12-bit digitizer with a software-configurable two- or four-channel mode of operation that offers 5 or 2.5 GSPS sampling rates respectively. It also features a large user-programmable Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale KU115 field-programmable gate array (FPGA). This makes ADQ36 ideal for computationally demanding multi-channel applications such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

In addition to the powerful onboard processing capabilities, ADQ36 supports peer-to-peer streaming at rates of 7 Gbyte/s. This is a huge advantage compared to conventional solutions which require data to be copied via the RAM of the host PC. With peer-to-peer, both the CPU and RAM can instead be used for other tasks. The 7 Gbyte/s data stream can then be post-processed in a graphical processing unit (GPU) or recorded to a high-speed solid-state disk (SSD) storage.

The versatile and easy-to-use software Digitizer Studio is included free of charge with the digitizer and offers powerful configuration, control, and display capabilities.

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming to GPU 2-Year Warranty Extension Option On-Demand Webinars and Videos
Read and watch more about how peer-to-peer streaming can improve system-level performance.

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We introduce a warranty extension option for a limited set of digitizers. You can now have up to a total of 5-year warranty period.

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Three, on-demand and free web sessions that will deliver deep insights into the world of advanced, high-performance digitizers.

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02.09.2022 The New Waveform

The New Waveform

The new TE3201/2 PXIe based​ Single/Dual Channel 20GHz 30dBm RF amplifier 

The TE3201/2 are single or dual channel RF amplifiers in a single slot PXIe form factor that can operate from 100kHz to 20GHz, designed for high frequency, and high power signal amplification.
With an ultra-high bandwidth of almost 20GHz and up to +30dBm power into 50 ohms, the TE3201/2 are the ideal complementary amplifiers to any signal source that needs an extended power boost for demanding applications.

  • Wide bandwidth, 100 kHz to 20GHz
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • +27dBm typ. output power @ P1dB
  • Cascade two channels for up to 25dB gain.


The TE3201/2 are designed for PXIe based ATE solutions when more RF/Microwave power is required. Applications are can range from simply giving your PXI system enough power to drive a Local Oscillator, or to providing extra gain/bandwidth in wideband Radar or Threat Emulation systems and giving the amplification you need for wide-band communications systems such as 5G/6G, WiFi-6/7 and UWB.

Extending Performance

The TE3201/2 are designed to extend the power range of any signal source/generator, including the Tabor Proteus wide RF bandwidth arbitrary waveform generators or Lucid RF signal generators. With the channels cascaded the TE3201/2 can provide up to 25dB gain, and can reach a maximum saturated power of 30dBm into 50 ohms loads.

Simplify your PXIe System

Remove complexity in your next RF and Microwave PXIe system design, and don’t compromise with external amplification and extra systems cabling complexity.  The TE3201/2 are single slot PXIe units, that are compatible with both PXIe and Hybrid Chassis, providing a broad RF/Microwave frequency range and high gains.

Download Datasheet


01.27.2022 NEW HV Scalable LXI Matrix Platform

We are excited to announce our new High Voltage Scalable LXI Matrix Platform, providing flexibility for up to 300×4 connections. The 50×4 1-pole LXI matrix plug-in modules are available in two variants: The 65-218-101 and 65-218-111 can deliver cold switching to either 400 VDC or 750 VDC (1 kV pulse) with up to 2 A (switching and carrying) and a maximum switching power of 60 W.

Features Include:

  • Use of high-quality electromechanical relays offering a long service life
  • X & Y loop-thru connections for easy expansion
  • Built-in scan list sequence stores with triggering capability
  • Supported by our diagnostic test tools

Watch this short video for an introduction to the modules

Find More Product Details in the Press Release

For more information, take a look at the 65-218-101 and 65-218-111 product pages, where you can find specifications and datasheets.

Learn more about our Scalable LXI Chassis & Plug-in Modules Platform here.

01.19.2022 NHR Launches Regenerative Grid Simulator

NHR Launches Regenerative Grid Simulator
The 9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator is the next generation AC test solution for testing and verification of high-power grid-tied applications in compliance with regulatory testing standards, worldwide. The built-in power amplifier mode for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) applications provides further testing and simulation capability ideal for research labs.  The new 9500 platform is the perfect complement to the industry leading NHR 9300 DC test platform to simplify total electrification testing. Ideal applications include testing EV charging, micro-grid, PV inverters, V2G and energy storage applications.

Key advantages:

  • Modular and Scalable Power
  • Widest True-Power Operating Envelope
  • Optimized for PHIL applications
  • Highest Accuracy Current Measurement
  • Highest Power Density

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