01.19.2022 NHR Launches Regenerative Grid Simulator

NHR Launches Regenerative Grid Simulator
The 9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator is the next generation AC test solution for testing and verification of high-power grid-tied applications in compliance with regulatory testing standards, worldwide. The built-in power amplifier mode for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) applications provides further testing and simulation capability ideal for research labs.  The new 9500 platform is the perfect complement to the industry leading NHR 9300 DC test platform to simplify total electrification testing. Ideal applications include testing EV charging, micro-grid, PV inverters, V2G and energy storage applications.

Key advantages:

  • Modular and Scalable Power
  • Widest True-Power Operating Envelope
  • Optimized for PHIL applications
  • Highest Accuracy Current Measurement
  • Highest Power Density

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11.18.2021 Ametek Asterion DC ASM Series Power Supply


SAN DIEGO, CA (November 17, 2021) – In September 2021, AMETEK Programmable Power unveiled a new multi-channel, programmable DC power supply: the Asterion® DC ASA Series at 600W per channel. Today, AMETEK Programmable Power is announcing the arrival of the Asterion DC ASM Series at 1,700W per channel in the same multi-channel design.

The new ASM series features the same three independent, isolated channels as seen on the ASA Series, but the ASM Series introduces 1,700W per channel for 5,100W of total output power. The ASM Series includes eight full power output options that can be mixed or matched to create custom solutions.

Legacy 1700W power supplies typically consume a full rack width at 1U high, but the Asterion ASM Series is a solution that combines 3 units into a single product, saving 67% of rack space.

Key Highlights:

  • Three independent, isolated 1,700W channels, 5,100W total
  • 1U rack-mount chassis
  • Eight output options from 0-40V  up to 400V (mix and match)
  • Multi-language, intuitive, color touch panel control
  • Global 3-Phase AC Input options for system phase balancing
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Multi-channel programmable sequencing, ramps, and delays
  • Full remote control via Virtual Panels TM GUI
  • Standard LXI Ethernet, USB and RS232 control interfaces
  • Optional GPIB control interface or isolated analog programming

For more information click here –https://www.programmablepower.com/products/dc-power-supplies/asterion-dc-asm-series


11.15.2021 Rubidium™ MG362x1A Signal Generator

ANRITSU Introduces the Rubidium™ MG362x1A Signal Generator Family Leading the market in signal purity and frequency stability



Anritsu has just announced the new Rubidium MG362x1A 9 kHz to 43.5 GHz signal generator featuring the world’s best phase noise and frequency stability. Rubidium’s outstanding performance helps customers make better measurements with phase noise performance of –136 dBc/Hz (typical) and –140 dBc/Hz (measured) at 10 GHz and 10 kHz offset, and frequency stability (Allan deviation) of 8x10E-12 per 100 sec, derived from an atomic clock reference and very low harmonics, even at high power levels. Coupled with built-in, easy-to-use, at location frequency and power calibration capability, the Rubidium MG362x1A offers exceptional overall utility and long-term value in a broad range of measurement applications.

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10.14.2021 New PXI Multi-Cell Battery Simulator Modules

We are excited to announce our New PXI multi-cell battery simulator modules
ideal for Electric Vehicle (EV) battery stack emulation in Battery Management Systems (BMS) test applications. The 41-752A (PXI) and 43-752A (PXIe) modules simplify voltage and current readback and improve accuracy for validating Battery Management Systems.

Features include:

  • Up to six battery cell simulators in a single PXI slot
  • Integrated voltage and current readback
  • Independent voltage sense connections
  • Available in both PXI & PXIe formats

For more information view our Press Release

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09.16.2021 Meet the New AQ6380 High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Meet the New AQ6380 High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer


Introduction and background:

Since the discontinuation of the 10 pm resolution AQ6319 optical spectrum analyzer over a decade ago, Yokogawa Test&Measurement has received repeated requests for a higher resolution model than the 20 pm resolution AQ6370 series.

The new AQ6380 is the highest performance OSA from Yokogawa. This flagship OSA offers an unprecedented 5 pm resolution (4x higher) as well as a 5 pm wavelength accuracy spec that may even preclude the need for optical wavelength meters in some instances.

Enhancements Include:

  • Rapid Mode: Enable up to 20x faster sweeps for continuous wave (CW) light
  • Applications Menu: Easily download from the web and install new custom test routines
  • Touchscreen Operations: Navigate functions using the multi-touch 10.4” display with an enhanced intuitive GUI menu that enables pinch zooming.
  • Monochromator Design: Fully-automate optical alignment and wavelength calibration utilizing the internal calibration light source via an optical switch.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength range: 1200 to 1650 nm
  • 5 pm high wavelength resolution
  • 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range
  • ±5 pm wavelength accuracy
  • 80 dB stray light suppression
  • Fully-automated wavelength calibration
  • Gas purging mechanism

Learn MoreView the AQ6380 Webpage

View Brochure:  AQ6380 Brochure

See all the OSA’s from Yokogawa: OSA Selection Guide

09.23.2021 New PXI & PXIe 5 Amp Power Relay Modules


Our latest high-density PXI/PXIe Power Relay modules 40/42-153 & 40/42-158 are designed to maximize switch payload while minimizing the physical footprint and maintaining performance.

The 40-153/158 (PXI) and 42-153/158 (PXIe) power relay modules are suitable for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for controlling large external relays, contactors and solenoids.

These products are the highest density 5 Amp switching modules in the PXI market, providing double the channel count of the nearest competitor.

Pickering’s 40/42-153 Specs


Pickering’s 40/42-158 Specs

The SCFE6931 brings Xilinx Versal ACAP technology to more platforms

Up to 20× more FPGA processing speeds using AI technology

Mercury’s new SCFE6931 is the first
FPGA processing board to leverage
Xilinx’s new Adaptive Compute
Acceleration Platform (ACAP) to
achieve dramatic performance
improvements over previous FPGA

In addition to the dual AI core, the SCFE6931 uses rugged, optical fiber interfaces and on-chip data movement for faster and more efficient processing across a broader portion of the spectrum.

Faster Performance
Xilinx AI engines provide 5× higher compute density for vector-based algorithms and are optimized for real-time DSP and AI-type functions

Greater Efficiency
7-nanometer technology means the SCFE931 uses less power and creates less heat, allowing it to be used in smaller spaces such as unmanned vehicles

Broader Use
The highly integrated ACAP adapts to evolving and diverse algorithms for a dynamically customizable product at a hardware and software level to support a wider range of applications and workloads

The SCFE6931 is the first of its kind, incorporating AI technology into an FPGA processing board to enable powerful technology in smaller, emerging systems.

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06/22/21 Boonton New Product Release


Boonton announces new Signal Generator – SGX1000 family






Quick Features

  • Frequency range: 10 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Output power range: -70 to +20 dBm
  • AM/FM/θM and pulse modulation
  • 10/100 MHz reference input
  • Multi-touch, touchscreen
  • Lightning fast – Maximum switching speed: 6 µs /100µs
  • Ultra-low phase noise (3 GHz, 10 kHz offset) -123 dBc/Hz (typ)
  • Ultra-low jitter: 55 fs (typ)
  • Excellent amplitude accuracy (as low as -70 dBm): +/-0.25 dB (typ)
  • Superior reliability – MTBF (synthesizer module): >240,000

See more information – https://boonton.com/sgx1000

03/15/21 Ametek VTI new DAQ and PXIe Products


The EX1403A Precision Bridge and Strain Gauge Instrument sets a new standard for strain and bridge measurements, delivering the highest performance measurements possible while controlling overall test hardware costs.

Sixteen channels of strain or voltage, independent 24-bit ADCs per channel, extensive software-selectable filtering, and independent signal conditioning paths deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Built-in signal conditioning, programmable excitation, and selectable bridge completion, all integrated into the instrument and configurable on a per-channel basis, greatly simplify setup and configuration. With unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability, the EX1403A is the “go-to” solution for the most complex structural test applications worldwide.

A single system that can provide high-quality static or high-speed strain measurements:
• Airframe structural and fatigue test
• Rocket and satellite structural test
• Wind tunnel flight load test
• General purpose bridge measurements
• Load frame materials testing

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The SMX series is an extension of VTI’s award-winning EX1200 series switch family. Designed using the same core philosophy of high-density without compromising on performance, the SMX brings instrument grade switching capability to PXI Express for the first time. In addition, the SMX series uses the same switch driver that’s used by EX1200, allowing seamless integration between the product families. This simplifies transition from a low to medium size switch system in PXI Express, to a large scale switch system in the EX1200.

Click Here to See the Complete Family of Products