10/13/2020 Techaya MILTECH 404

MilSource is platinum award winner for Techaya MILTECH 404 rugged battlefield power and networking device


The MILTECH 4040 delivers and manages power over the same channels that provide network data management -- all in a compact, lightweight form factor.

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Milpower Source: Military & Aerospace Electronics 2020 Innovator Awards




Milpower Source Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of mil-spec power solutions for the defense and aerospace industry, has been recognized by the 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community selected Milpower’s new M4054 3U VPX DC/DC Power Supply as a Silver Honoree.

As industry continues to trend toward modularity and unified technical standards, the M4054 Series paves the way to future-proof your VPX project while taking advantage of Milpower Source’s superior build quality, reliability, and performance.


  • Developed in Alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard
  • Industry-Leading Power Density (800W)
  • VITA 46.11 System Management Protocol
  • Cyber Secure



Teledyne WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer

WavePulser 40iX High-speed Interconnect Analyzer

Unmatched Characterization Insight

The combination of S-parameters (frequency domain) and Impedance Profiles (time domain) in a single acquisition with a deep toolbox for simulation, emulation, de-embedding and time-gating provides unmatched characterization insight.

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New Pickering Product: LVDYT/RVDT/Resolver Simulator Module



We are excited to announce a new addition to our PXI simulation product range, an LVDT, RVDT, Resolver simulator. This high-performance and high-density solution is more versatile than competing products (generally limited to only one function), replacing multiple products with just one module that fits into a single PXI slot.

This new simulator features active circuitry that generates a signal that can be used to exercise DUTs (devices under test) that use either LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer), or Resolver to measure motion and/or position.

Key features include:

  • Up to 4 channels of 5/6-Wire LVDT/RVDT or Resolver, or 8 channels of
    4-Wire LVDT/RVDT simulation
  • Input & output isolation transformers
  • Measurement & display of each input frequency & amplitude
  • Wide operational frequency band
  • External or internal excitation
  • Independent or shared excitation signal to each channel
  • Programmable phase delay
  • Open & short circuit simulation on inputs & outputs
  • Intuitive drivers and a graphical soft front panel for simple manual control
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Ethernet Chassis
  • PXIe version available upon request

View our press release for additional information:

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Along with these new LVDT/RVDT & Resolver Simulator modules, we offer a wide range of other solutions for Sensor Simulation and Instrumentation including:

  • Programmable resistors and RTD simulation
  • Thermocouple simulators
  • Strain gauge simulators
  • Programmable loads to 15W (20W in the future)
  • Static digital I/O
  • Voltage amplifiers
  • Attenuators, high voltage and RF


11.17.2020 – FormFactor Virtual Compass 2020



Save the Date – COMPASS 2020 is November 17th and 18th

COMPASS 2020 is scheduled for November 17th. The event will feature a three-hour program which will include keynote and technical presentations (each approximately 20-25 minutes), and a roundtable/breakout session for Q&A.

Each year FormFactor’s COMPASS users’ group conference brings together FormFactor customers from around the world to discuss the products and technologies shaping our future. At the event, industry leaders and speakers from corporations, leading-edge research institutions and FormFactor, share test insights on a wide variety of emerging applications, such as 5G, silicon photonics, trends in advanced packages, and millimeter-wave measurement and calibration.

COMPASS 2020 is scheduled for November 17th (in US/Europe time zones) and November 18th (in Asia time zones). The event will feature a three-hour program which will include keynote and technical presentations (each approximately 20-25 minutes), and a roundtable/breakout session for Q&A.

A sneak-peek at the upcoming COMPASS conference promises a great event with lots of great topics:

Keynote Speakers (Advanced Packaging)

    • Hamid Azimi – Intel: “Heterogeneous Integration – An Advanced Packaging View”
    • Mike Slessor – FormFactor: “Probe in the Spotlight – A Key Enabler for Advance Packaging, Chiplets, and Heterogeneous Integration”


    • “The Advancement of THz Test & Measurement Equipment for 5G, 6G and Beyond” (VDI)
    • Lightning Session 1 –“ Load-pull Probe Station for Characterization of 5G Devices and Circuits at Wafer-level”
    • Lightning Session 2 – “Next Generation, Fine Pitch HBM Cube Characterization to Production”
    • “ADR Cryostats and 4 K Cryogenic Probe Stations” (HPD)
    • “1/f Noise Challenges and Solutions” (Keysight)
    • Lightning Session 3: “Surface Metrology for Advanced Packaging Applications”
    • Lightning Session 4: “Production Testing of 5G and mmW Applications”
    • Moderated Q & A

For more information or to register for the online COMPASS conference, https://compass.formfactor.com/



10/29/2020 – Orolia Webinar: Resilient PNT for Unmanned Systems

Orolia Webinar: Resilient PNT for Unmanned Systems

Orolia and infiniDome will co-host an industry discussion on resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for unmanned systems, including a description of how PNT data and GPS/GNSS signals are enabling new applications of unmanned systems, key vulnerabilities to be addressed, and next steps to ensure the safe, efficient operations of remotely piloted aircraft, vehicles and vessels. Click here to register and share this link:

10/27/2020 – NH Research Webinar: AC Load Testing Fundamentals

AC Load Testing Fundamentals Free Webinar:

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 at 2 – 3 p.m. EDT (USA)

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This webinar will review the fundamentals of ac loading for testing applications across residential, commercial, electric vehicles, aerospace, and military markets. We’ll dive into key features and functions of both traditional and modern ac loading conditions and their many applications across these industries. The ability for ac loads to emulate complex load profiles to include harmonics and sub-cycle transients is important for testing the device and/or the grid to meet modern day requirements.
Learn about the most effective test approaches and test solutions to ensure accuracy, product performance, safety, and reduced time to market. Example applications include testing the grid, inverters, lock rotor current, V2G, EVSE, avionics, UPS, switch and fuses, and more.

Key Technical Concepts:

  • Regenerative power
  • AC load 4 quadrant operation
  • True power factor shift
  • Linear, non-linear, inductive and capacitive loading
  • Testing in various emulation modes: CC, CR, CP, SC
  • How to create complex load profiles
  • Harmonics and sub-cycle transients

Presenter: Ben Jackson – Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research
Over 10 years of electrical engineering experience across a wide range of industrial applications. Ben’s expertise is especially focused on e-mobility markets including automotive and aerospace as well as renewable energy systems across the microgrid. In his current role, Ben provides consultation for designing hardware and software test solutions for both AC and DC applications.

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10/14/2020 – Teledyne LeCroy Webinar: Don’t Let Ground Bounce Ruin Your Day

Date: Wed, October 14, 2020
Time: 11AM Pacific | 2PM Eastern

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Ground bounce is a common problem in packages, connectors and circuit boards. And it gets worse with shorter rise times. This insidious problem can cause enough cross talk to break almost any product.

In this webinar, we will look at the principles behind the root cause of ground bounce, how we can measure the ground bounce in your system, and based on the root cause, how we can design ground bounce out of your next product.

Presenter: Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Evangelis, Teledyne LeCroy

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10/07/2020 – Teledyne LeCroy Webinar: EMC / ESD Pulse Measurements Using Oscilloscopes

Date: Wed, Oct. 7, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM Pacific | 2:00 PM Eastern

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The digital oscilloscope has become the most commonly used test tool on the EMC engineer’s bench, but most engineers use only a fraction of the power available in these instruments. In addition, there are several overlooked aspect s which can significantly impact signal integrity and EMC measurement results.

Join us for this webinar as we uncover oscilloscope tools that can assist with advanced and more accurate methods for performing EMC testing.

Measurements included in our discussion will be:

  • EMC Measurement Categories and Requirements
  • Conducted Immunity Testing Requirements and Pulse Measurement Definitions
  • ESD Threshold Selection
  • Level-After-Pulse, Time-To-Value, and Parameter Limiters
  • ESD Verification and Test Setup
  • ISO10605:2008 Consecutive Parameter Trending
  • Sample Rate and Dynamic Range Impact on ESD Pulse Measurements
  • Much more!

Presenter: Mike Hertz, Teledyne LeCroy Sr. Field Applications Engineer

Can't attend live? Register anyway, and we will send you the recording and slides afterward.

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