06.14.2023 Orolia Defense & Security is Igniting a New Era as Safran Federal Systems!


Orolia Defense & Security is Igniting a New Era as
Safran Federal Systems!



What is staying the same?
• Proxy entity (U.S. Company)
• Leadership & people
• Operations & locations
• Products & technologies
• Dedication and commitment to our customers

What is changing?
• Our name
• Our look
• Website and Email

• As we evolve as a business, we
strive for transparency, and our
  brand should reflect that.

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03.22.2023 Navigation & Timing

Safran Unites Its Advanced Expertise and Global Activities in PNT
Technology Under Expanding Navigation & Timing Business

Navigation & Timing integrates Safran’s positioning, navigation, and timing portfolio beside its high-tech
optronics, avionics, electronics, and critical software solutions

Safran Electronics & Defense has consolidated our vast experience in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT)
technology and our comprehensive portfolio of market-leading solutions under one business called Navigation
& Timing. Our activities under Navigation & Timing will aim to deliver the most accurate and secure PNT
solutions for sea, land, air, space and cyber applications around the world.

Advancements in aerospace equipment, defense, autonomous transportation, critical infrastructure, and even
commercial products have become more dependent on precise and uninterrupted signals from Global Navigation
Satellite Systems (GNSS). Safran has leveraged our worldwide knowledge in the domain to create an evolving
ecosystem of resilient Navigation & Timing solutions.

The range of PNT activities covering Navigation & Timing include:
•    Inertial measurement technologies and control
•    Systems, algorithms, and architectures for interference detection and mitigation
•    Sensor fusion and update technologies
•    GNSS technologies, including simulation
•    Clocks and timing

Agility is essential for meeting specialized requirements across rapidly growing industries. Therefore, Safran offers
customized service packages accompanied by our unparalleled customer experience.

For more information about Safran’s world-leading and resilient Navigation & Timing solutions, please visit: safran-navigation-timing.com