Boonton’s RTP5000 Real-Time Peak Power Sensors

Providing the highest video bandwidth and fastest rise times, RTP5000 peak power sensors with Boonton’s Real-Time Power ProcessingTM deliver 100,000 measurements per second, no gaps in signal acquisition and zero measurement latency.  Combining this performance with automatic pulse measurements, CCDF and crest factor statistical analysis, multi-channel capabilities and documentation tools RTP5000 peak power sensors are the ideal instrument for fast, accurate and reliable RF power measurements.

View Video of Conventional USB vs Boonton Real-Time Power Processing™ technology.

Quick Features:

  • 6 GHz, 18 GHz and 40 GHz RF Power Sensors
  • Up to 195 MHz video bandwidth with 3 ns rise time
  • Real-Time Power ProcessingTM technology with zero measurement dead time
  • 100,000 measurements per second    
  • Power Analyzer Suite advanced measurement and analysis software
  • Crest factor, CCDF and statistical measurements
  • 10 GS/s effective sample rate
  • 100 MS/s continuous sample rate
  • Synchronized multi-channel measurements

Real-Time Power ProcessingTM
Real-Time Power ProcessingTM (RTPP) technology is a unique parallel processing methodology that performs the multi-step process of RF power measurement at incredible, unmatched speeds. While conventional power meters and USB sensors perform steps serially, resulting in have long re-arm times and missed data Boonton sensors with RTPPTM capture, display and measure every pulse, glitch and detail with no gaps in data and zero latency.

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Abaco’s New Health Toolkit

Abaco Announces Unique, Innovative Health Toolkit to Maximize System Reliability, Mission Success

  • Interrogates and reports on status of all system hardware components
  • Delivers consistent, intuitive information to enable fast corrective action
  • Provides application interface for in-mission adjustment

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Abaco’s New SBC3511 3U OpenVPX Rugged Single Board Computer

Uniquely Combines High Performance, Advanced Security and Leading Edge Thermal Management

  • Features new Intel Xeon E-2176M ‘Coffee Lake’ processor for maximum performance
  • Innovative thermal management maintains high performance even in adverse environments
  • Delivers comprehensive Anti-Tamper and Information Assurance functionality

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VTI’s New EX1403

16-Channel bridge and strain gauge measurement instrument

  • 24-bit ADC per Channel
  • 102.4 ksamples/second/channel Sample Rate
  • Built-in Programmable Excitation
  • TEDS Support

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Ametek’s New Asterion 4U

The Asterion AC 1U / 2U family gets an even bigger brother… the 4U, 4.5 & 6 kVA! (Supports single and three phase with configurations up to 36 kVA).

  • Intuitive touch panel control
  • Innovative iX2™ current doubling technology
  • Multi-language display for global operation
  • Auto paralleling for higher power
  • Combine units for multiple phase configurations.
  • Complete avionic test suites (optional)
  • ATE version available

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Eurotech’s New Catalyst AL

The Catalyst AL is a Rugged Low-power Embedded Module Based on Intel® Atom™  “Apollo Lake” CPUs.

The new module ensures high-performance computing while maintaining low power consumption for embedded applications requiring high reliability, continuity and long-life cycle

Powered by the Intel Atom E3900 “Apollo Lake” processor family, the Catalyst AL is a small form factor Computer On Module (COM) designed to deliver high computing performance while maintaining a very low power consumption. It is available in dual and quad core versions, with up to 8GB of RAM with ECC, up to 32GB of eMMC and two SATA interfaces.

The Catalyst AL will be available for orders from Q4 2019.

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