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HVT’s New High Tech Generators

IMU4000 / IMU3000 

  • User-Configurable Multi-Function Generators for Conducted Immunity Tests (EFT, Surge, Power Fail, Ring Wave & more)
  • Up to 10 circuits and touchscreen navigation
  • EFT up to 6KV
  • Surges up to 8KV Dips & Variations
  • Interrupts
  • Common & Differential Mode

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Automatic 3 Phase Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDNs)

  • Full range options 0 - 200A and more
  • Highest EUT voltage supported
  • Modular and expandable solution
  • Excellent decoupling

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VTI’s New RX0424

24-Channel IEPE / Voltage Instrument with Integrated Tachometer Inputs

  • 24-bit ADC per Channel
  • 204.8 ksamples/second/channel Sample Rate
  • Built-in Current Excitation
  • 2-Channel Synchronized Tachometer

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Techaya’s New MILTECH Products

MILTECH 907 - Rugged Managed Ethernet Switch

  • Perfect for very confined spaces
  • 5 triple-speed ports through a single top-mount D-Type 44 pin connector
  • Fully managed
  • Meets MIL-STD-461E, 810 F/GM anf 1275/704 standards

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MILTECH 9136Super high-density Ethernet switch on board

  • Terminates 1G Copper, 1G fiber and 10 G fiber on single compact card
  • Can connect up to a total of 52 connected devices
  • Supports Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and IEEE 1588 standards
  • Fully managed
  • Conformally coated to meet MIL-STD 810 and 461 when housed in an appropriate enclosure

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MILTECH 8P - Ruggedized 8 port USB charger

  • Delivers 2 Amps consistent power over 8 ports
  • Designed for mounting on military mobile platforms
  • Power connects with a D38999/24WA98PA
  • 80W maximum at full load; Charging Capabilities: 2A/5V per port

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MILTECH 16SER Serial to USB Cyber-security Unit

  • Internal Enable/Disable TX/RX switches control data flow from serial-connected devices
  • Securing information from classified networks to unclassified domains
  • 6 serial ports (8 x RS232 over USB + 8 x RS485/422)
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F/G/M, MIL-STD-461E and IP 68 standards

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MilSource Announces Upgrades to Techaya MIL STD Switches

Industry’s most compact Ethernet switches now support precision timing, port protection/failover, service policing and more

MilSource, the exclusive U.S.-based distributor for Techaya’s military-grade and rugged Ethernet solutions, today announced software upgrades to its line of board-level, compact and ultra-compact rugged and MIL STD and managed Ethernet switches. The software delivers an enhanced feature set to support precision timing protocol (PTP) per IEEE 1588 V2, enhanced QoS, port control, Layer 2 features.

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New Ametek SGX Series

NEW -  SGX Series With Touch Screen Display for Sorensen DC Power Supply Family

The SGX Series is the next generation of the successful SG line of programmable DC power supplies and offers test system builders a variety of features and options designed to simplify system configuration and testing processes:

  • Up to 15kW in 3U and 30 kW in 6U
  • Easily parallel chassis for up to 150kW
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Automatic crossover from constant voltage to constant current operation
  • Fast load transient response
  • Power factor >0.9 typical
  • Standard RS232 and LXI Ethernet
  • Blank panel (no display) versions available for slave units


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