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12.12.2022 Introducing the Sequoia and Tahoe Series of Precision Programmable Sources

Introducing the Sequoia and Tahoe Series of Precision Programmable Sources

AMETEK Programmable Power has unveiled the new California Instruments Sequoia and Tahoe Series of precision programmable AC and DC sources. The Sequoia Series is a full four-quadrant regenerative grid simulator with an optional regenerative electronic load mode, and the Tahoe Series is a two-quadrant AC and DC source. Both series are named after beautiful natural wonders in the state of California, honoring the great California Instruments brand and paying homage to the state where these products are proudly manufactured.

The Sequoia and Tahoe Series combine intelligence and flexibility with high power to create an advanced platform of AC solutions. Using a state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) power switching architecture, they incorporate compactness, robustness and functionality in a floor-standing chassis. The Sequoia Series is designed to refresh the MX and RS Series, while the Tahoe Series will refresh the BPS Series. Their launch provides an opportunity for both new and existing customers to upgrade from the MX, RS and BPS Series.

Source: AMETEK Programmable Power

The Sequoia and Tahoe Series are easy-to-configure power sources that cover a wide spectrum of single and multi-phase AC or single channel and multi-channel DC power applications at an affordable cost. Such applications include power conditioning equipment testing, grid interactive green energy and distributed power generation, avionics and shipboard electronics testing, regulatory compliance testing, electric vehicle testing, manufacturing line testing and more. With the add-on electronic load option, the Sequoia Series can support additional advanced renewable energy simulation and test requirements.

Sequoia Series highlights:

  • Dual voltage ranges that support over voltage testing on 480 V based systems
  • Instrument setups for quickly re-establishing the known instrument state
  • 500uS time resolution for transients
  • Non-linear current waveform programming during load mode
  • Phase coordination among multiple units (LKM/LKS)
  • Powerful set of analog controls for PHIL and modulation tests
  • Trigger in and out to permit extensive coordination with external systems
  • Extensive onboard diagnostics
  • Digital I/O, including RS232, USB, Ethernet (GPIB optional)
  • Auto-paralleling for maximum flexibility with multi-chassis configurations

Tahoe Series highlights:

  • High power AC and DC power source
  • Auto paralleling for higher power system expansion
  • Arbitrary and harmonic waveform generation
  • Standard LXI LAN, USB, and RS-232, optional GPIB
  • 500uS time resolution for transients
  • Internationally accepted test routines for EMI/EMC, safety compliance

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03.31.2023 New ADQ3X Family Members – ADQ30 and ADQ33

Introducing New ADQ3X Family Members – ADQ30 and ADQ33
Support peer-to-peer streaming at 7 GB/s

Today we introduce ADQ30 and ADQ33 – two new members to our fourth-generation 12-bit ADQ3-series family. Both models offer 1 GSPS sampling rate with one and two input channels respectively. The combination of excellent noise and distortion performance, dc coupled input, open FPGA and peer-to-peer streaming to GPU at 7 Gbytes/s makes them ideal for demanding applications such as time-of-flight mass spectrometry, swept-source OCT, distributed optical fiber sensing, LiDAR, and more.

Additional features include programmable DC-offset for unipolar signals, high-precision click/trigger/timestamp, application-specific firmware packages for peak detection, averaging etc, easy-to-use API including stand-alone Digitizer Studio software and much more.

The ADQ3-series currently consists of four different models with ENOB around 9 bits, SFDR of 65 dBc, and SNR 55 dBc and future family members with higher speed and performance are already in development.

We offer design and development of custom hardware, firmware, and software to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – a great way of realizing custom projects in a time-efficient manner!

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