The SCFE6931 brings Xilinx Versal ACAP technology to more platforms

Up to 20× more FPGA processing speeds using AI technology

Mercury’s new SCFE6931 is the first
FPGA processing board to leverage
Xilinx’s new Adaptive Compute
Acceleration Platform (ACAP) to
achieve dramatic performance
improvements over previous FPGA

In addition to the dual AI core, the SCFE6931 uses rugged, optical fiber interfaces and on-chip data movement for faster and more efficient processing across a broader portion of the spectrum.

Faster Performance
Xilinx AI engines provide 5× higher compute density for vector-based algorithms and are optimized for real-time DSP and AI-type functions

Greater Efficiency
7-nanometer technology means the SCFE931 uses less power and creates less heat, allowing it to be used in smaller spaces such as unmanned vehicles

Broader Use
The highly integrated ACAP adapts to evolving and diverse algorithms for a dynamically customizable product at a hardware and software level to support a wider range of applications and workloads

The SCFE6931 is the first of its kind, incorporating AI technology into an FPGA processing board to enable powerful technology in smaller, emerging systems.

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