02.09.2022 The New Waveform

The New Waveform

The new TE3201/2 PXIe based​ Single/Dual Channel 20GHz 30dBm RF amplifier 

The TE3201/2 are single or dual channel RF amplifiers in a single slot PXIe form factor that can operate from 100kHz to 20GHz, designed for high frequency, and high power signal amplification.
With an ultra-high bandwidth of almost 20GHz and up to +30dBm power into 50 ohms, the TE3201/2 are the ideal complementary amplifiers to any signal source that needs an extended power boost for demanding applications.

  • Wide bandwidth, 100 kHz to 20GHz
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • +27dBm typ. output power @ P1dB
  • Cascade two channels for up to 25dB gain.


The TE3201/2 are designed for PXIe based ATE solutions when more RF/Microwave power is required. Applications are can range from simply giving your PXI system enough power to drive a Local Oscillator, or to providing extra gain/bandwidth in wideband Radar or Threat Emulation systems and giving the amplification you need for wide-band communications systems such as 5G/6G, WiFi-6/7 and UWB.

Extending Performance

The TE3201/2 are designed to extend the power range of any signal source/generator, including the Tabor Proteus wide RF bandwidth arbitrary waveform generators or Lucid RF signal generators. With the channels cascaded the TE3201/2 can provide up to 25dB gain, and can reach a maximum saturated power of 30dBm into 50 ohms loads.

Simplify your PXIe System

Remove complexity in your next RF and Microwave PXIe system design, and don’t compromise with external amplification and extra systems cabling complexity.  The TE3201/2 are single slot PXIe units, that are compatible with both PXIe and Hybrid Chassis, providing a broad RF/Microwave frequency range and high gains.

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