Receive One Free Power Sensor with Purchase of a 4500C

Get the Most Out of Your New 4500C






Receive One Free Standard Power Sensor with Purchase of a 4500C and One Sensor





Peak, CW & Average Power Sensors
Getting the most out of a power meter requires high quality RF power sensors to connect to the device under test. Boonton has a full line of high quality, high performance peak and average power sensors up to 40 GHz to meet the needs of all your fast rise time, fast video bandwidth and wide dynamic range applications.
• Fast measurement speed
• Wide dynamic range (-70 dBm to +40 dBm)
• Calibration factors, linearity and temperature compensations data stored in EPROM
• Excellent SWR for reducing mismatch uncertainty
• Calibration with traceability to NIST

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Discount applied to the list price of the 4500C. Valid until12/31/2020.