06.15.2022 Part 3: Jitter University Webinar Series

Jitter University Webinar Series
Part 3: Taking the Long View of Jitter


Date:  Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Time:  11AM Pacific | 2PM Eastern
Duration:  60 minutes including Q&A

Jitter University Webinar Series
Confused about jitter? Did someone’s explanation of jitter create more questions than answers? If so, join Teledyne LeCroy as we teach everything about jitter – what jitter is, different categories, instruments used, measurements and views, deconvolution and extrapolation, and more. Click here to access the entire series.

Part 3: Taking the Long View of Jitter
In this session we leverage the use of modern digital oscilloscopes to make more jitter measurements faster and more accurately. We will also calculate statistics, view histograms on data sets, and view how jitter changes with time or frequency to better understand underlying jitter pathologies.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Effectively using long oscilloscope memory for jitter measurements
  • Understanding eye diagrams constructed from a single, long acquisition(s)
  • Basics of statistics and histograms
  • Differences between waveform histograms and math histograms
  • Plots of jitter vs. time – understanding what this describes

Who should attend? Any technician or electrical engineer who is designing or debugging embedded systems and needs to assess clock, clock-data, or data jitter.

What attendees will learn? Attendees will learn how to use long acquisition memories/records, measurements and math to optimize their use of their digital storage oscilloscope for measuring jitter.

Presented by:  Stephen Murphy, Marketing Product Specialist / Applications Engineer

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