02.08.2022 NewWave: New Products Announcement

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New Wave DV is excited to announce the continued expansion of our IEEE-1394b/AS5643 (Mil1394) product line by introducing the iVeriPHY Mil1394 Handheld Tester and 9-Channel Bus & Node Monitoring Test Set.


The iVeriPHY Mil1394 Handheld Test Module provides Mil1394 point-to-point connection and network diagnostic information and provides stimulus to test wire harness and Mil1394 network reliability.

iVeriPHY Target Applications


  • Point-to-point Mil1394 wire harness cable connections
  • Mil1394 network connectivity
  • Bus error rate using iVeriPHY-generated traffic
  • In space-constrained areas using handheld tester vs test cart
    Verification of:
  • Mil1394 bus topology with node ID and port connectivity information

iVeriPHY Product Page & Datasheet


9-Channel Bus & Node Monitoring Test Set

The 9-Channel Bus and Node Monitoring Test Set monitors up to nine independent Mil1394 buses for bus resets and number of nodes present.

Extend your testing distance by connecting the display to the 9-CH-BNM with the provided 30-meter fiber optic cable for remote viewing. These battery-powered devices and well-shielded cables provide excellent EMI tolerance.

9-Channel Target Applications

Monitoring of Mil1394 buses during:

  • Electromagnetic Environment Effects Testing
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Vehicle Assembly Processes

9-Channel Product Page & Datasheet

Shared Product Features

Both products are built on a scalable architecture using an integrated touchscreen and processor platform that supports an ever-growing list of software applications, such as the Monitor, Bus Error Rate Tester and Topology Viewer.

Data Rates: S200β, S400β


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