9/3/2020 – FormFactor Webinar: RF Basics for Testing Fundamentals Webinar

RF Basics Webinar

 RF Basics Webinar

Please register for the upcoming webinar entitled “RF Basics”, hosted by FormFactor’s Jeff Damm, Senior Applications Engineer, on Thursday, September 3rd.

Who should attend:

Persons with an understanding of electronics theory and an interest in RF basics.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Lumped elements vs frequency
    • Shunt, Series, Parallel RLC networks
  • Impedance
  • Time domain vs Frequency domain
  • Transmission line modeling
    • Time & Frequency domain behavior
    • Zo
  • Lumped element vs electromagnetic modeling of transmission lines
    • Wavelength concepts & signal behaviors
    • Assumptions for < 1/4 wavelength
    • Accounting for > 1/4 wavelength
  • Reflection coefficient concepts & applications
  • Basic
    • Lossless = simpler math, reduced accuracy
    • Lossy = computation intense, higher accuracy