12.08.2020 FormFactor Low Frequency Noise Webinar








Dec. 8, 2020 (US/EU) | 9:00AM PST/6:00PM CET
Dec. 8/9, 2020 (US/Asia) | 5:00PM PST/9:00AM CST

We will present 5G & 6G test challenges and discuss:
• New tools and techniques to eliminate ground-loop induced TestCell noise
• How to reduce flicker noise for improvement in phase noise
• How a reduction in low frequency noise equates to an overall improvement in device reliability
• How a LFN characterization is being used as a predictor of a device’s performance and reliability
• How to increase LFN test throughput up to 4X with automation techniques
• Learn about new on-site location and system verification services that enable guaranteed performance