7/9/2020 – Formfactor Webinar: RF Basics

Click here to register – July 9th, 10:00am PST

Who should attend:

Persons with an understanding of electronics theory and an interest in RF basics.

In this seminar, you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to on-wafer probing
    • What is an RF probe
    • How to choose the right probe
  • On-wafer calibration
    • S-parameter basics
    • Overview of calibration methods
    • How to calibrate
    • Introduction to WinCal XE calibration software
  • On-wafer measurement verification
    • How good is my calibration?
  • Additional considerations
    • Design for testability
    • De-embedding
    • Temperature testing with RF probes
    • Probe cleaning
  • Open technical discussion


For questions, please contact:

Anja Radke – Sr. Marketing Specialist at FormFactor


+49 35240 73-350