5/13/2020 – NH Research Webinar: Electric Powertrain Next Gen Test Solutions

Wed, May 13, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MDT

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Presenter: Ben Jackson, Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

Electric Powertrain Next Generation Test Solutions

As electrification continues to accelerate in automotive and aerospace, engineers must address new testing challenges for hybrid, fuel cell and electric powertrain. Modern propulsion system architectures are fundamentally different and present new challenges and risks. Therefore, it is important for engineers to use the most effective technologies and test approaches to ensure product performance, safety, reliability and reduced time to market.


Electric powertrain systems are complex and raise new testing challenges including increased voltage and power levels, long test times, and different safety risks. Traditional powertrain test approaches rely on unidirectional devices that have drawbacks and limitations. Next generation battery emulation and DC Buss emulation provides a bi-directional approach that sinks and sources to maintain voltage regulation, accepts back EMF which prevents safety hazards, and has isolated input and output paths to eliminate single points of failure.


This session will review how modern solutions for emulating batteries and fuel cells are the right approach for faster, scalable and more repeatable testing of electric powertrain systems. As electrification is evolving to higher power demands, the ability to emulate a battery with speed and precision is critical. Battery emulation can substantially reduce test time, risk, energy consumption and operating costs.


In this webinar, learn about:


  • Key Industry Trends, Challenges & Opportunities
  • Electric Powertrain Test Solutions
  • Battery Emulation Differentiators - What to Look for in a Battery Emulator
  • Cohesive, Scalable, Intuitive Software Solutions


If you cannot attend the live event, please register and NH Research will send you the recording. For any questions, please email jtran@nhresearch.com.