4/29/2020 – NHR Webinar: The Fundamentals of Battery Module & Pack Test

Wednesday, 4/29 at 2-3pm EDT

Presenter: Martin Weiss, Product Director at NH Research


The battery market is growing rapidly due to the acceleration of electrification in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. In turn, batteries have become the pivotal component for electrifying cars, planes, trains and automobiles and storing clean energy. Therefore, it’s imperative that today’s engineers, researchers, and managers understand the fundamentals of how to test batteries as well as the most productive approaches to ensure product performance, safety and time to market.


Battery pack and module testing is becoming more critical than ever. Today, engineers face new challenges including increased complexity of the tests and set-ups, long development and test times, addressing safety requirements and avoiding hazards. Furthermore, testing to the application requires emulating real-world conditions by reacting to CAN, BMS and other communication protocols.


In this series, learn about:

- Industry trends impacting battery test

- The fundamentals of battery module/pack testing

- How to reduce time to market and improve engineering productivity

- Next generation solutions for battery test


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