Teledyne LeCroy Introduces new WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscopes

WaveRunner 8000HD

Today’s highly complex power-conversion systems, automotive ECUs and embedded control systems are becoming smaller, denser and faster, with more signals, sensor inputs and lower-voltage power rails than ever.

WaveRunner 8000HD’s combination of 12-bit resolution at 2 GHz bandwidth, 8 (or more) channels, very long capture times, and a complete software toolset makes it ideal for these key applications.

Longest Memory, Simple Navigation

With up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory, WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes capture long periods of time, yet maintain high sample rate for visibility into the smallest details.

3-phase Power Analysis

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes deliver 8 analog channels (16 with OscilloSYNC), 3-phase power analysis software, and high performance probes for inverter subsection, power system and control testing.

Automotive Electronics Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes combine a high channel count, long memory, and wide range of validation and debug software to best address the specific test needs of the automotive industry.

Power Integrity and Power Sequencing Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscope's high resolution, long memory and high channel count let you validate and debug all aspects of power supply, delivery and consumption for complete confidence.

Deeply Embedded Computing Systems Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes acquire the longest records at the highest resolution for the most comprehensive deeply embedded computing system analysis (analog, digital, serial data and sensor).


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