AMETEK Releases New Asterion 18kVA 14U Power Source

Asterion 18kVA power source

AMETEK Programmable Power has expanded its Asterion™ line of AC power sources with a new 18kVA power source. The Asterion™ 12K3 supplies AC and DC output power up to 12,000 VA or 12,000 W, and the Asterion™ 18K3 supplies up to 18,000 VA or 18,000 W. Both units come in a 14U chassis and can supply single- or three-phase output power.

Asterion Line AC Power Source Advantages:

  • Maximize space utilization with 500VA up to 18kVA in 1U/2U/4U/14U chassis
  • Full output power over widest voltage range with iX2™ technology
  • Quickly and expertly control each AC source with an intuitive touch screen
  • Single or three phase selectable 2U / 4U / 14U models
  • Asterion AC sources all come with an industry-leading 5 year warranty

For more information on the Asterion line of AC power sources download our datasheet or request a quote.

Data sheet

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