11/13/2020 Orolia Unveils M-Code Enabled Mobile Timing & Synchronization Solutions

Orolia is proud to announce, through its Orolia Defense & Security business, the availability of M-Code Military GPS receivers in its Resilient PNT products and solutions, including M-Code enabled mobile mission timing and synchronization platforms. Read Full Story.

Flexible, Resilient PNT for Every Environment

  •   M-Code capabilities for SecureSync® DISA approved time server
  • Versa mobile PNT platform for rugged, small SWaP-C requirements
  •  Improved resistance to jamming and interference
  • Advanced security features
  • More accurate performance

    Orolia offers an easy, cost-effective upgrade from SAASM to M-Cod

    Compact, All-in-One Positioning, Navigation and Timing

    M-Code – it is here. Public Law 111-383, Section 913 requires all military GPS user equipment purchased after FY 2017 to be M-Code capable, unless a waiver is issued the Secretary of Defense.

    With Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE), or M-Code receivers, becoming available to vendors, now is the time to start getting serious about integration and performance testing of MGUE and systems that rely on it.

    Currently there are two GPS security architectures – and both are available only to authorized users. The first, Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM), has been required for all newly fielded DoD GPS systems as of October 2006. It uses the GPS Precise Position Service, which is provided using encrypted signals (P(Y) Code) on two frequencies – L1 (1575.42MHz) and L2(1227.6MHz).

    MGUE is the second one, utilizing the M-Code signals. As one aspect of the GPS modernization program, M-Code is also an encrypted signal provided on L1 and L2 frequencies.