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HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter
The HA7063A is a heterodyne downconversion system that is designed to seamlessly integrate with Holzworth’s HA7063 Series Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer products as an ANSI z540 calibrated frequency extension. One common GUI interface is used to simultaneously control both the HA7062 and the HA7063A.

NEW – HSY Series RF Synthesizers
Optimize performance and channel density
The HSY Series are broadband frequency sources that exhibit best in industry phase noise performance coupled with the highest channel density available in its class. The YIG based architecture also enhances spectral purity performance coupled with a highly accurate dynamic range of up to +20dBm and down to -110dBm.

Application Focus

Phase Noise Test – Additive Measurements
HA7000 Series Phase Noise Analyzers

Phase noise measurements fall under two categories: absolute and residual (additive). Where absolute phase noise measurements are typical of oscillators and and other frequency sources, residual phase noise measurements are more specific to measuring the phase noise contribution of an individual component or subsystem.
Setting up a test system for additive phase noise requires some traditional microwave plumbing, but the challenge is in the proper calibration of the test system so as to not introduce measurement errors.

Holzworth’s HA7000 Series Phase Noise Analyzers address the issues of setting proper system quadrature and calibration so that the results are accurate. The accuracy of the user’s test results are NIST traceable via an ANSI z540 calibration.




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