01.27.2022 NEW HV Scalable LXI Matrix Platform

We are excited to announce our new High Voltage Scalable LXI Matrix Platform, providing flexibility for up to 300×4 connections. The 50×4 1-pole LXI matrix plug-in modules are available in two variants: The 65-218-101 and 65-218-111 can deliver cold switching to either 400 VDC or 750 VDC (1 kV pulse) with up to 2 A (switching and carrying) and a maximum switching power of 60 W.

Features Include:

  • Use of high-quality electromechanical relays offering a long service life
  • X & Y loop-thru connections for easy expansion
  • Built-in scan list sequence stores with triggering capability
  • Supported by our diagnostic test tools

Watch this short video for an introduction to the modules

Find More Product Details in the Press Release

For more information, take a look at the 65-218-101 and 65-218-111 product pages, where you can find specifications and datasheets.

Learn more about our Scalable LXI Chassis & Plug-in Modules Platform here.