07.27.2022 Harmonic Analysis on Distorted Waveforms

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FormFactor Dilution Refrigerators for superconducting quantum computer deployment and test (Photo credit: James Crawford, Google AI Quantum)

Quantum computing promises to revolutionize the way we address complex issues and deliver world-changing solutions in medicine, security, finance, defense, climate, energy, and more. Around the globe, governments, universities, and industry players of all sizes are investing tens of billions of dollars in the race to transform this amazing potential from theory into reality in the next few years.

 In this webinar, authors Dr. Hiu Yung Wong and Dr. Zuyu Zhao will share their expertise in quantum computing. Attendees will learn:

  • What is quantum computing, and why do we need it?
  • How does quantum computing work (qubits, superposition, entanglement, programming)?
  • What challenges face this emerging industry today?
  • What critical technologies (such as ultra-cold cryogenics) enable quantum technology?

Twenty webinar attendees will be randomly chosen to receive one of their works, “Introduction to Quantum Computing, From a Layperson to a Programmer in 30 Steps,” (Dr. Hiu Yung Wong) or “Cryogenic Engineering and Technologies, Principles and Applications of Cryogen-Free Systems,” (Dr. Zuyu Zhao / Dr. Chao Wang).
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