06/09/2021 What Every Oscilloscope User Should Know About Transmission Lines

What Every Oscilloscope User Should Know About Transmission Lines

Date: Wed, June 9, 2021
Time: 11AM Pacific | 2PM Eastern
Duration: 60 minutes


Join Eric Bogatin and Teledyne LeCroy as we introduce you to five simple, yet essential, principles of signal integrity which we will apply to understanding how to interpret oscilloscope measurements from DC to 1 GHz bandwidth.

Many questions have obvious answers if we understand just a little bit about transmission lines and what the oscilloscope actually measures:

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Is it really true that the longer the cable, the longer the RC charging and the longer the rise time?
  • Does this mean only short cables can offer high bandwidth?
  • When should you use a 50 Ω input and when a 1 MΩ input to the scope?
  • Why do I measure a rise time of 150 ns for the compensation signal on the front of the scope and others report it as 5 ns rise time?

Who should attend? Any engineer who wants a practical understanding of transmission lines and why this is so important in any oscilloscope measurement.

What attendees will learn? Attendees with never be confused about transmission lines again and will know the right way of using the 50 Ω termination on an oscilloscope.

Presenter: Dr. Eric Bogatin, Teledyne LeCroy Fellow

Can’t attend live? Register anyway, and we will send you the recording and slides afterward.