07/13/2021 Scanning SQUID Microscopy


Click To Register                  July 13, 2021 (US/EU) | 9:00am PDT/ 6:00pm CEST
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FormFactor invites you to learn more about scanning SQUID microscopes – their history, applications, and the latest advances for superconducting quantum computing applications. Join IBM Research Division and Stanford University emeritus Dr. John Kirtley, a world-renowned expert who helped develop the technique of scanning SQUID microscopy, and FormFactor’s Dr. Ryan Murdick, Cryogenic Product Development Scientist, who collaborated on developing the industry’s first fully automated, cryogen-free Scanning SQUID Microscope, the IQ1000.

By employing SQUIDs capable of magnetometry and susceptometry, the system allows measurements of local magnetization, magnetic response (susceptometry), and the ability to spatially map electrical currents from the magnetic response. Researchers can now rapidly locate and capture detrimental magnetic vortices in superconducting circuits to enable operationally robust IC design and help accelerate the growth of the superconducting quantum computing market.


  • What is a scanning SQUID microscope?
  • Applications for scanning SQUID technology, and why it’s important for superconducting quantum IC design and characterization.
  • The latest advances to enable unattended and high throughput magnetometry and susceptometry measurements including:
  • Automated, fast (five-minute) SQUID tuning
  • The ability to measure a large sample (20mm x 20mm) or nine samples (5mm x 5mm) simultaneously in one cool-down
  • Superb image quality scanning with sub-100 nm precision, as well as repeatable subspace scanning and position hold for spectroscopy and vortex manipulation.
  • Sample temperature control from <3 K to over 20 K with precise, programmable heating and cooling rates.


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