07/14/2021 Advances in Analytical Wafer Probing of High-voltage/High-current Devices

Click To Register                July 14 and 15, 2021 (US/ASIA) | 5:00pm PDT/ 9:00am China
Click to Register                  July 15, 2021 (US/EU) | 9:00am PDT/ 6:00pm CEST                 

With electric vehicles and other high-power applications gaining momentum, the development of new high-voltage/high current semiconductor devices is ramping up. Wafer test of these power semiconductors poses unique challenges, with test currents of more than 500 Amps and test voltages up to 10 Kilovolts. Designers of these new devices are pushing the limits of physics by shrinking the distance between contacts and requiring test temperatures up to 200° C. In addition, new materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride are growing in popularity, adding new complexity to carry out testing in an environment that suppresses electrical arcing, provides low contact resistance of the probe to the device, and low contact and thermal resistance with uniformity between the wafer and chuck. Analytical and engineering probing is key in the research and development of these leading edge semiconductor technologies.

In this webinar, Rainer Gaggl, Founder and Managing Director of T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH (specialists in the design and manufacturing of high-power wafer probe cards), and FormFactor’s Eric Wilcox, Director of Product Marketing, discuss these wafer test challenges and patented high voltage arc suppression technology that provides spark-free probing for high-voltage / high-current devices made with Si, SiC and GaN technology.


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