2/17/2021 How to Perform Static and Dynamic Power Analysis

2/17/2021 How to Perform Static and Dynamic Power Analysis

3-Phase Power and Motors Masters Webinar Series Part Two


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How to Perform Static and Dynamic Power Analysis Webinar

3-Phase Power and Motors Masters Webinar Series
Join Teledyne LeCroy for this Learning Lab series on measuring high-power, three-phase and motor inverter and drive systems with an 8-channel high-resolution oscilloscope or motor drive analyzer. Learn about static and dynamic measurements, from AC line to inverter switching, and line outputs to motor mechanical performance.

How to Measure Inverter Dead Times and Input/Output Power
In this session (Part One) we will describe techniques for measuring dead-times for gate-drive signals and device outputs to ensure that margins are achieved. We will also assess input and output power of a simplified single-phase DC-AC inverter.

Topics to be included:

  • Probing and acquisition of H-bridge gate-drive signals
  • Visual and analytical dead-time analysis
  • Use of Tracks (measurement values vs. time) for dead-time analysis
  • Input/output static power analysis

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Part Two: How to Perform Static and Dynamic Power Analysis
Part Three: How to Correlate Control Events to Power Events
Part Four: How to Measure Power During Volt-second and Other Short Power Periods
Part Five: How to Perform AC Input and Inverter/Drive Output Harmonic Analysis
Part Six: Optimizing Your Vertical Gain

Who should attend? Inverter subsection engineers, motor/drive control system engineers, and inverter/drive systems engineers who design dynamic control and power systems that operate under highly controlled conditions.

What attendees will learn? Best in class techniques for measuring and understanding performance of and interrelationships between control and power sections.

Presenter: Stephen Murphy, Teledyne LeCroy Applications Engineer

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Pre-work recommended before attending the Learning Lab webinar

It is recommended that you download and register (at no cost) MAUI Studio prior to the start of the Learning Lab, and download LabNotebook (waveform plus setup files) .lnb files (they will be combined into one .zip file that will need extracting).

MAUI Studio
>> https://teledynelecroy.com/mauistudio/

Zip file with .lnb files
>> Download here

These files will allow you to load the various waveform examples shown during the Learning Lab webinar, and participate in hands-on instruction.

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