11.30.2023 EMF Assessment in Telecommunication: A Focus on 5G Measurements

EMF Assessment in Telecommunication: A Focus on 5G Measurements

Date & Time:       Nov 30, 2023 01:30 in Mountain Time (US and Canada)


In this upcoming webinar, we’ll take a look at EMF assessment within the telecommunications industry. Specifically, we’ll explore the nuances of evaluating radiofrequency field strength and power density levels around radiocommunication base stations, in accordance with the IEC 62232 standard.

During our session, we’ll discuss the methods and procedures for measuring RF field strength and power density, whether it’s in an on-site environment or other relevant settings. We’ll review the essential requirements for measurement solutions used in performing telecommunication assessments.

Our primary focus will be on 5G measurements and the main challenges associated with assessing human exposure. We’ll review various methodologies for conducting 5G measurements, providing concrete examples from real-world scenarios. Additionally, we’ll introduce Wavecontrol solutions as useful resources for carrying these measurements.

Please note: 
• The registration to the webinar will close 1 hour prior to the meeting.
• This webinar is intended for professionals. Only registrations with full professional information will be accepted.