05.10.2022 300 MHz 32×8 PXI & PXIe RF Matrix Modules


300 MHz 32×8 PXI & PXIe RF Matrix Modules

Pickering introduced a new integrated PXI RF matrix modules with a 32×8 topology — representing a 33% increase in matrix density per chassis slot. The new compact-footprint 40-724 PXI & 42-724 PXIe modules provide high performance with a usable bandwidth of 300 MHz for non-loop-thru models. Check out the resources below for more information.



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April’s Events and New Resources

Webinar – How to Effectively Configure a Microwave Test Switching System

We hosted a webinar with Electronic Design that reviewed the types of switching available, cable and connector suggestions, and tips to help you design, deploy, and sustain your Microwave test system.



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