03/15/21 Ametek VTI new DAQ and PXIe Products


The EX1403A Precision Bridge and Strain Gauge Instrument sets a new standard for strain and bridge measurements, delivering the highest performance measurements possible while controlling overall test hardware costs.

Sixteen channels of strain or voltage, independent 24-bit ADCs per channel, extensive software-selectable filtering, and independent signal conditioning paths deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Built-in signal conditioning, programmable excitation, and selectable bridge completion, all integrated into the instrument and configurable on a per-channel basis, greatly simplify setup and configuration. With unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability, the EX1403A is the “go-to” solution for the most complex structural test applications worldwide.

A single system that can provide high-quality static or high-speed strain measurements:
• Airframe structural and fatigue test
• Rocket and satellite structural test
• Wind tunnel flight load test
• General purpose bridge measurements
• Load frame materials testing

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The SMX series is an extension of VTI’s award-winning EX1200 series switch family. Designed using the same core philosophy of high-density without compromising on performance, the SMX brings instrument grade switching capability to PXI Express for the first time. In addition, the SMX series uses the same switch driver that’s used by EX1200, allowing seamless integration between the product families. This simplifies transition from a low to medium size switch system in PXI Express, to a large scale switch system in the EX1200.

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