02/12/21 Yokogawa New Product Releases

The next-generation solutions DL950 ScopeCorder and IS8000 Integrated Software Platform from Yokogawa Test & Measurement are engineered to accelerate your engineering workflow. Meet our newest innovations and experience The Power of One.

The DL950 ScopeCorder
Soon to be Your Most Valuable Instrument


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Perfected over years of continuous innovations, introducing the DL950 ScopeCorder. With the speed of an oscilloscope and recording capabilities of a portable data acquisition recorder, the DL950 captures both high-speed transient events and long-run trends.

Compatible with 21 plug-in modules in the ScopeCorder family, the DL950 has the right combination of channel count, input types, triggering, and recording to facilitate the development and troubleshooting of electromechanical systems.

Key Features:

  • High-speed sampling rates
    • New! 200 MS/s, two-channel module
  • Flexible input types
  • High resolution inputs
  • High isolation voltage
  • High channel counts
    • Up to 160 channels of synchronized measurements by connecting up to five units
  • High-speed capture and recording
  • 8 G points large memory
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet for high-speed data transfer

Explore this versatile instrument by visiting the DL950 ScopeCorder web page or via the video link below, then click to request a personal tour from one of our Precision Makers.

Integrated Software Platform

The IS8000 Integrated Software Platform | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

The IS8000 software platform is a revolutionary software that tightly integrates the timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments, creating a comprehensive measurement suite that delivers confidence, efficiency, and unity.

Key Features:

  • Combine waveforms and measurement data from our latest WT5000 power analyzer, DL950 ScopeCorder, and DLM5000 oscilloscope
  • Time synchronize up to 128 channels using IEEE1588 across two instruments in real time
  • Acquire high-speed data at rates up to 10 Gbps
  • Manage measurement data in one format from one centralized location

Experience the IS8000 integrated software platform and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s product development process. Let your instruments work together so your engineering groups can work together.

Learn more via the video link below or visit the IS8000 web page, then click to request a personal tour from one of our Precision Makers.