TMS Divisions:

   Test & Measurement   Systems   Distribution  Electronics Texas

Calibration and Metrology Manufacturers

Ametek Programmable Power
Programmable AC & DC Power Sources DC Power Supplies or Benchtop, ATE & Burn-In Electronic Loads Custom Solutions LXI
Test and Measurement Solutions for Optical, RF & Microwave, Wireless, Data Communications, Telecommunications

Boonton Electronics

RF & Microwave Power Meters Analyzers Sensors Other Instruments


Insulated Wire Microwave

Cable Cable Assemblies & Adapters from DC to 60GHz









High Precision Pressure Standards, Calibrators & Controllers Digital Pressure Transducers, Gages and Barometers Accuracy to 0.002% DH-Budenberg Desgranges & Huot, WIKA


Teledyne LeCroy

High Performance Oscilloscopes and MSO's from 40MHz to 100 GHz 8 and 12 Bit Vertical Resolution Serial Protocol Solutions DDR, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, SAS, USB and Others

TDI Power Dynaload

Chart & Analyzing Recorders Power Meters Digital Oscilloscopes Data Acquisition Other Test & Measurement Products


AC/DC Power Meters & Analyzers Digital Oscilloscopes Data Acquisition Systems & Recorders ANDO Optical Test Equipment